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ACTIS Insulation

Self Build Home Diary – 10

Whilst the roof receives its finishing touches, attention turns to the inside and installation of insulation. Scandia are well known for their energy-efficient buildings and offer high-performance insulation as standard. The innovative ACTIS product is preferred for its superior thermal and acoustic properties provided by its unique honeycomb structure, as well as its durability and […]

Timber Frame Construction

Self Build Home Diary – 9

The clay tiles are currently being laid on the roof of this Scandia home. The variation and blend of grey and red tones create a weathered effect finish that adds character to the new build property. Chosen for their durability and natural beauty, clay tiles have been a popular roof covering for hundreds of years, […]

Timber Frame House

Self Build Home Diary – 6

The building is certainly taking shape now; the roof and first-floor construction are well underway with trusses in place and the feature gable end panel erected. One of the benefits of using a timber frame structure is the speed with which a plot begins to look like a home, and it is clear to see […]

Timber Frame Home

Self Build Advice: FOCUS – Sustainability

Building a sustainable home is an essential investment in the future. Energy-efficient design and construction create low impact properties with reduced fuel consumption, a benefit to both homeowner and the environment. To achieve this with your self-build take a look at the information we have gathered below: Timber Frame: Building with timber that is sourced […]