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Mist Coat

Show Home Build: 15 – Plasterboard

With the first fix phase finished, the interior walls and ceilings of our chalet bungalow were fitted with plasterboard. The planned purpose of a room determines the type of plasterboard required in the space. In areas where the air will become humid, such as bathrooms and kitchens, a moisture-resistant board containing water-repellent additives are necessary. […]

Sliding Pocket Door

Show Home Build: 14 – Carpentry First Fix

Pocket doors are ideal when design flexibility and/or space-saving are important. The practical system is an efficient alternative to conventional swing doors, making the most of the space in a room. Instead of hinges, these doors operate on a sliding track, conveniently disappearing into a compartment in the wall cavity. Unobtrusive in a room, it […]

Stretcher Bond

Show Home Build: 13 – Brickwork

The bricks cladding the exterior of the timber frame structure of our show home were selected from Vandersanden’s extensive range. These facing bricks display a mixture of orange, brown and yellow tones, achieved by using specific sand types for the surface covering in the manufacturing process. The colour and grained texture of the ‘Hailsham Mix’ […]

Residence 9 Windows

Show Home Build: 11 – Window Installation

The windows chosen for the chalet bungalow were inspired by character cottage aesthetics. The timber alternative products, selected from the Residence Collection, have been designed to authentically replicate traditional windows. Unlike typical UPVC windows, the units have sashes that are flush with their frames, giving the exterior a simple elegance. The flush sashes also ensure […]

MVHR System

Show Home Build: 10 – Internal Works: First Fix and MVHR

A Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) system is an essential element in an airtight home. The airtight quality of a thermally efficient house prevents heat escaping and cold air from outside entering the property. However, ventilation is vital for a healthy internal environment. Removing stale air, condensation and pollutants and supplying fresh filtered air into […]

Terreal Roof Tiles

Show Home Build: 8 – Roof Tiling

Timber battens were fixed horizontally to the roof in preparation for tiling. Positioning these battens correctly is crucial as it enables even spacing between tiles, critical when it comes to the look and longevity of the roof. Spacing between the roof battens is known as the ‘gauge’ and will depend on the roof pitch along […]

Roof Progress

Show Home Build: 7 – Roof Work and Velux Installation

With the structural frame erected, work progressed on the roof. Sarking boards were fixed to the rafters giving the pitched roof additional strength. These were then covered with a breathable membrane, held in place by timber battens. The membrane is water-resistant but vapour-permeable, preventing moisture from penetrating the building but still allowing ventilation of the […]