The Lodge – Blog 5 – Insulation

High-performance insulation has been fitted to the walls of our new single-storey show home.

Actis Insulation

As with the three other properties at our show centre, along with countless customer self build projects, we have chosen to use Actis Insulation’s Hybrid range to insulate The Lodge. The thermal efficiency performance achieved with this system, as well as the speed and ease of installation, makes it the ideal product for our timber frame homes.


The Hybrid range consists of four innovative insulation products that can be combined or used separately in walls, roofs, ceilings and timber floors. All products have been designed to eliminate thermal bridging by helping to ensure an airtight envelope. The range can achieve the highest u-value requirements with a minimal thickness. We have used HControl Hybrid, 105 mm Hybris, and BoostR Hybrid in the walls to achieve a U-value of 0.14W/m2K.

Insulated Timber Frame

We hope to carry out a thermal imaging survey once The Lodge has been completed to demonstrate the effectiveness of our airtight and highly insulated structure. We conducted a similar exercise on completion of our Adelia show home with the results showing an impressive lack of thermal bridging, confirming that our build system with quality insulation provides an effective combination.

High Performance Insulation

In the garage outbuilding we are constructing alongside the bungalow will be space to display details of our thermal performance, with information such as u-values, EPCs and air testing results to highlight the energy efficiency and advantages to self builders.

Timber Frame Insulation

Hybrid panels also offer the benefit of being simple and quick to cut accurately, minimising wastage and reducing installation time, which can be up to 30% quicker than using alternative methods.

Visitors will be able to experience how effective Actis insulation is when The Lodge is completed later this year. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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