The Lodge – Blog 4 – MVHR

With the timber frame kit erected, the team continued with the structure fitting the eco-joists for the roof of the bungalow.

Timber Frame Erection

Eco-joists are engineered timber components with V-shaped steel webs that enable quick and easy installation of services and utilities.

Timber Construction

The mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR) system could then be fitted within the pipes and ducting threaded through the joists.

Timber Frame Structure

A mechanical ventilation system is a necessary feature of an airtight timber frame home.

MVHR Installation

Thermal efficiency prevents heat from escaping the building and cold air from outside entering the property, but with ventilation vital for a healthy indoor environment, it’s essential that air circulation is incorporated into the design.

Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery

Replacing stale air, humidity, condensation, and pollutants from inside with a supply of fresh filtered air into the home ensures clean air quality at all times.

MVHR System

The MVHR system comprises an air-handling unit, which can be installed in an attic space, plant or utility room, and ducting.


The unit recovers heat from the outgoing stale air and transfers it to the incoming fresh air, delivering low-cost warmth throughout the property, an added benefit of the system.

Timber Frame Bungalow

Our new bungalow’s MVHR system has been designed and supplied by Systemair a company that provides quality heating, ventilation and air conditioning products that have been used in many Scandia self build projects.

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