Where Do We Start?

The Self-Build Process – Where to Start

Building your own home is an exciting project, but we appreciate that it can also be a daunting one, and this is why we are on hand to help you throughout the entire self build process.

Once you have decided that you would like to build your own Scandia-Hus home, we will allocate a team to work with you headed by your own personal Project Manager. They will be responsible for discussing your specific requirements; site opportunities and constraints, possible planning or aesthetic restrictions, cost implications, build options, builders’ tenders, finance, insurance, and much more. In brief, they will be guiding you through the whole project from start to finish.


But before you get that far you will no doubt want to get a clearer idea of what is involved. In simple terms, the stages to any self-build project are:

Plot Purchase

Firstly you’ll need to find the plot of land on which you want to build your new home. This can be a difficult endeavour, and so we have put together a Plot Finding Fact Sheet that provides advice and guidance on finding a site. Once you have a building plot we can arrange for one of our Project Managers to undertake a site visit and discuss your requirements.

Home Design

Analyse your plot, budget, timescales, accommodation needs, layout ideas and desired style. Be inspired by other projects by taking a look at our Pinterest page and case studies, you can also order our Book of Inspiration which contains plans for 35 unique homes. Our in-house architectural designers will work with you to create drawings of your bespoke new home.

Budget and Finance

Obtain costings for your building set and construction work, seek advice if needs be on how to finance your project. Take a look at our Price Guide for an initial idea on costs, and we also have a Finance Fact Sheet that may be useful at this stage. If you require self build mortgage guidance, we recommend talking to Buildstore. Once your final drawings have been completed, we will provide a detailed costing for your Building Set and guideline costs for the construction work to help plan your budget.

Project Plan

There are many considerations to take into account when planning a build; site access, storage, security, and so on. We have a wealth of knowledge at our disposal and can assist with everything from tenders to compiling a construction programme. Our Fact Sheets are a good place to start when preparing for your project.

Build Route

Will you be on site building the house yourself? Or project managing the different sub-contractors? Don’t have time for either but still want a say on every decision? You may want to consider hiring a main contractor. Your Scandia-Hus Project Manager can assist in helping you choose the option that will best suit you as well as introduce you to established and dependable specialists working in your area.


For further information, please click here for our Fact Sheet No.5 entitled ‘Five-Point Plan’

Once you have read and digested this information, we would suggest you phone or email to make an appointment to meet us, discuss your requirements and visit our show homes – 01342 838060 / sales@scandia-hus.co.uk