The Lodge – Blog 9 – Second Fix

With plastering complete, it was time to move on to second fix.

Plastering Complete

Second fix comprises all the work required after plastering has taken place and includes electrics, plumbing and carpentry.

Mist Coat

Second fix can be a rewarding part of the construction process for self-builders as this is the stage when chosen products and decorative details are starting to be introduced, transforming the space from a building site into a home.

Ready for Second Fix

A mist coat, which consists of watered-down emulsion that seals new plaster, was applied to the walls and ceilings in preparation for decoration.

Second Fix Ready

Tiles were laid ready for basins, baths, showers and toilets to be installed in the WC and ensuites.

Laying Tiles

We have chosen a neutral colour palette throughout to keep the interiors light and bright, with differing shapes and textures adding interest.


The carpenters have started to hang the internal doors, which we have sourced from Doorsan, a leading producer of wooden doors. These high-quality and bespoke interior door sets offer exceptional craftsmanship and design flexibility.

Fluted Internal Door

The fluting detail complements the contemporary style of the home whilst also providing a textured look.

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