The Lodge – Blog 7 – Underfloor Heating and Screed

Inside our new show home bungalow, the underfloor heating pipes were laid and the floor screed poured.

Underfloor Heating

The underfloor heating is a wet system with warm water running through the pipes within the floor, the warmth then rises providing an even temperature throughout.

Underfloor Heating Pipes

Underfloor heating is a popular choice among those building their own home as it operates at low temperatures, meaning it is an economical option. Combining this type of heating with our airtight timber frame structure, high-quality insulation and triple glazing will result in a building with low running costs and low environmental impact.


The underfloor heating pipes are held in place by clip rails connecting them to the insulation beneath. The system has been designed specifically for the bungalow, with calculations regarding heat loss and output required utilised to create the bespoke layout.

Floor Screed

Once the pipework had been fitted, the liquid floor screed was then poured. The screed provides a smooth and durable base for the final floor covering, achieving a level surface for tiles, lino, vinyl, wood or carpet.

Floor Screed

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