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Timber Frame Self Build

Self Build Home Diary – 16

The house was a hive of activity this week with teams of carpenters and electricians all working to finish first fix ready for the plasterboard to be installed. Externally, most of the brickwork has been completed – sections have been left either ready for the vertical wall hung tiles or for the balcony to be […]

Underfloor Heating

Self Build Home Diary – 15

The damp-proof course has been laid on the ground floor, insulation was placed on top of this and underfloor heating pipes fitted. Underfloor heating is a popular choice amongst self-builders; heat is distributed evenly throughout the home using this system and operates at a lower temperature making it an efficient and cost-effective option. It also […]

Scandia Hus Home

Self Build Home Diary – 13

The exterior brick cladding that envelops the energy-efficient timber frame has begun. The clients have chosen Vandersanden’s “Old Coachhouse” range which has been manufactured in a way that gives an aged impression as if the bricks were reclaimed. The variation of colour, from red and white to brown-black, contributes to this effect and adds to […]

Timber Frame Self Build

Self Build Home Diary – 12

The high specification windows and doors have been installed. The clients chose triple glazed aluminium-clad units due to the eco-credentials of the product; the Norrsken windows are energy-efficient, sustainably sourced, durable and low maintenance, a perfect partner to the Scandia-Hus timber frame. The standard white (RAL 9010) colour ensures the windows will suit any interior, […]

ACTIS Insulation

Self Build Home Diary – 10

Whilst the roof receives its finishing touches, attention turns to the inside and installation of insulation. Scandia are well known for their energy-efficient buildings and offer high-performance insulation as standard. The innovative ACTIS product is preferred for its superior thermal and acoustic properties provided by its unique honeycomb structure, as well as its durability and […]

Timber Frame Construction

Self Build Home Diary – 9

The clay tiles are currently being laid on the roof of this Scandia home. The variation and blend of grey and red tones create a weathered effect finish that adds character to the new build property. Chosen for their durability and natural beauty, clay tiles have been a popular roof covering for hundreds of years, […]