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Contemporary Staircase

Self Build Home Diary – 26

This stylish Scandia has now been completed – paths and patios are underway, then only landscaping and moving in left for these contented customers! Inside, all painting and decorating has been finished, carpets laid and new furniture delivered. The same subtle colour palette has been used throughout the new home, with soft greys and whites, […]

Contemporary Shower Room

Self Build Home Diary – 25

The clients are looking forward to their move-in date as work edges closer to completion. The calming atmosphere they have created in the bathroom beckons to them, with relaxing bubble baths only weeks away. Blending beautifully with the rest of the room, the fitted bath from Pura is encapsulated by the grey-toned tiles, creating a […]

New Bathroom

Self Build Home Diary – 24

The bathrooms and wet rooms have had their finishing touches applied and are now protected from dirt and damage with coverings. This will ensure they remain in pristine condition for the clients when they move into their new home. The neutral colour scheme creates a calming atmosphere, combined with contemporary chrome fixture choices, the spaces […]

Garage Construction

Self Build Home Diary – 23

The blockwork of the garage has been completed, along with the encasing brick cladding. There will be a cohesive look between the detached double garage and the timber frame home as, although built with blocks, the brickwork has been matched for consistency. The beautiful bricks, provided by Vandersanden, have an aged feel that suits the […]

Schroder Kitchen Install

Self Build Home Diary – 22

The build has reached one of the most thrilling stages for the client; kitchen installation! The generous space has been meticulously planned with Scandia’s in-house kitchen designer. Detailed drawings and 3D images were generated to ensure the room was exactly how the customer had envisaged. The wall units were chosen from Schroder’s Fenix range in […]

Garage Floor Base

Self Build Home Diary – 21

Outside the home the new garage is currently being constructed. The reinforced concrete slab has been laid in anticipation of the blockwork to be built on top. The detached double garage will ultimately be clad in the same brick as the house with matching roof tiles, giving a look of coordination.

Contemporary Front Door

Self Build Home Diary – 19

The aluminium-clad timber front door has now been installed, keeping the new home warm and securing the second fix materials arriving on site. The entrance door, supplied by Norrsken, was fitted later than the rest of the glazing to avoid damage from trades passing in and out of the building. The contemporary style, with simple […]

Self Build Home Construction

Self Build Home Diary – 18

The rooms are boarded and have been taped and jointed to reinforce the seams between the sheets of plasterboard. This method is used to prepare a wall for decoration and is an alternative to skim coating, where the entire surface of the plasterboard is covered with a thin layer of plaster. Outside traditional McCann Rustic […]


Self Build Home Diary – 17

The first fix is coming to a close, with the majority of the electrical wiring and pipework that will be concealed within the studwork having been finished. The plasterboard phase has now begun with boards being fitted to the structural battens on walls and ceilings ready for plastering. All boards are from British Gypsum, with […]