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Self Build Home Diary – 2

With the concrete trench foundations completed and all topsoil removed, blockwork was laid in readiness for the beam and block flooring. Fortunately for the build, standard shallow foundations were suitable as the soil conditions are stable. This type of trench foundation is a preferred option for many builders as it allows a project to get […]

Self Build Site

Self Build Home Diary – 1

Set in the stunning grounds of a client’s former home, two new Scandia-Hus properties are currently being constructed. The first house will be completed in a Georgian style, with a symmetrical façade, brick cladding, vertical sliding sash windows and a classical columned porch.  The second property will have an exterior typical of houses in Sussex, […]

Timber Windows and Doors

Self Build Advice: FOCUS – Windows and Doors

The windows and doors of your new home are incredibly important; they impact the light, warmth, security, privacy and style of your space. With a variety of aspects to consider it’s essential to understand more about the options available when deciding on which glazing products to purchase to ensure they are aesthetically, functionally and economically […]

Self Build VAT Reclaim

Self Build Advice: 13 – VAT Reclaim

Once the building of your home has been completed you’ll need to contact your local authority to arrange for a council tax valuation, a warranty inspector will review the property and issue the warranty, and you can now switch your self-build site insurance to a homeowners’ policy. It’s also time to embark on the VAT […]

Timber frame first fix

Self Build Advice: 10 – Building: First Fix

With the superstructure watertight, the first fix can get underway. This stage of the project essentially consists of all the work needed before the walls are plastered or ‘tape and jointed’, this includes: • Electrics – cables will be installed for the electrical supply in your house. First fix electrical work prepares the building for […]

Timber Frame

Self Build Advice: 9 – Building: Timber Frame

Once the substructure has been completed, you are officially ‘out of the ground’. Where substructure is everything in the ground, superstructure is the structural part of the building above foundations, i.e. the timber frame. This stage of your project is about creating a structurally complete shell; you’ll need the walls up, supporting steels or beams […]