The Lodge – Blog 2 – Groundworks

Diggers were on site removing earth as the groundworks began for our new show home.

Trench Foundations

Trenches were dug for all exterior and load-bearing walls within which concrete was poured to just below ground level. Once set, blockwork was then laid on top to create the foundations for our new bungalow.


Trenches are a standard shallow type of foundation used when the structure’s load is low relative to the bearing capacity of the soil. Fortunately for our project, the ground conditions are stable, so these were the most suitable which gives the advantage of allowing the build to get out of the ground relatively quickly.

Blockwork Foundations

The blocks provide support to the beam and block flooring oversite. Precast concrete beams were positioned with blocks fitted in the spaces between them to complete the building’s footprint. This is a quick and cost-efficient method which can be laid in all weathers.

Beam and block flooring

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