Lindab supply a range of products for simplified construction, including rainwater systems.

Lindab is an international group that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes products and system solutions for simplified construction and improved indoor climate.

Products, including industry-leading steel rainwater system, Rainline, and modern steel roofing solutions, Coverline and Seamline, are characterised by high quality, ease of assembly, energy efficiency, consideration towards the environment, and are delivered with high levels of service.


Rainwater System

The rainwater goods installed on our new show home, The Mulberry, were supplied by Lindab.

We chose to use a steel guttering system from their Rainline range in an Anthracite Metallic finish.

Steel is strong and durable, making it ideal for roof drainage systems. It’s hardwearing ensuring long term performance but is lighter than cast iron, inexpensive compared to aluminium and better quality than uPVC.

Rainline is available in half round or rectangular gutter profiles in a choice of 10 painted colours or unpainted Magestic galvanised steel or natural copper materials to suit classic or contemporary aesthetics for domestic or commercial properties.

The sustainability of the Rainline product attracted us to this range. In a life cycle study on the environmental impact of rainwater products in various materials, it was shown that Lindab’s steel had the lowest carbon footprint of any of its competitors. With up to 30% manufactured from recycled material, long-life durability and steel that is recyclable at the end of its usability, this steel system is certainly suitable for an energy-saving home.

Lindab simplify construction making it easier to build sustainably, developing products with the environment in mind and inventing solutions that meet the demands for comfort, simplicity and energy efficiency.