Self-Build Zone

Award-winning self-build insurance and structural warranty provider.

Self-Build Zone is an award-winning self-build insurance and structural warranty provider using only A-rated insurers.

Site Insurance

A site insurance policy is designed to cover your building project, whether your build is a new build, extension, renovation or conversion. It is an all-risk policy giving you the protection you need from start to finish.

The policy covers the project from the point you assume liability on the land or even a property to be demolished and continues whilst you are sorting out planning permission. As works start, the policy responds by covering the works in progress and materials. It’s quite likely that you will have plant, tools and equipment on-site or maybe even a residential caravan, and these can be covered if required.


Structural Warranty

A structural warranty is a lender requirement in the UK, so if you are using a mortgage to finance your project or intend to sell it in the next 10 years you will require a warranty. You never know what might happen in the future, so it’s better to build your property knowing you can sell it if needed.

A structural warranty usually covers you against defects in design, workmanship and materials for 10 years. In order to obtain a structural warranty, you must receive sign off from a set of technical audit inspections. It will cost you significantly more to arrange a structural warranty after you start a build and there aren’t many suppliers who will issue retrospective warranties in the current market. You also don’t have to use the local authority to carry out your building control visits for build regulations. Technical audits and building control visits can be combined through approved inspectors, which can save you time on site for site inspections.

Self-Build Zone’s structural warranties are backed by A-rated insurers and are approved by the majority of UK lenders.