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Update 21: Garden Landscaping

It is important in any self-build project that thought is given to the external landscaping scheme to complement your new build. We have had a design created for us by a local landscape gardener (who actually lives in a Scandia-Hus), to provide a scheme that enhances the contemporary show house that we have built. The […]


Update 20: Bathrooms and Ensuites

Master Bedroom Ensuite The master ensuite has a wet room walk in shower area. The first stage when preparing a wet room is to ensure that water runs straight to the drain. The wet room floor must gradually slope to the drain with a gentle and even gradient. Tanking wet room walls The whole room […]


Update 19: External works and guttering

External works Work has begun on the external landscaping, levelling out the plot and laying the drainage pipes. The concrete slab has also been built for the plant room. Guttering and temporary downpipe The gutters have also been fixed to the Show House. We have gone for a silver metallic Lindab rainwater system guttering. A […]


Update 18: Pug Screed

The first floor underfloor heating has now been fitted. We would often use chipboard flooring on the first floor, but in the Show House we are using a pug screed. This is a thin biscuit layer of screed. It is often chosen for use with low temperature heat sources such as heat pumps, as it […]


Update 17: Painting

A watered down coat of matt paint (otherwise known as a mist coat) has been applied to all walls and ceilings inside the show house. This is used to seal the plaster and specialist lifestyle plaster board before the actual wall colours are applied. Kitchen Family Room/Seating Area Sitting Room This room is still a […]


Update 16: Rendering

The exterior of the house has has its first coat of render applied. This will be completed over the course of a couple of weeks, as the different components are fitted. Despite the fact that this is only a starting coat, the house is already starting to look white. Edging strips are fixed to the […]


Update 14: Floor Screed

Now that the underfloor heating has been installed a floor screed is laid in order to protect the pipework. The pressure in the heating system is left on at this time. The floor screed is a cementitious material made from a 1:3 ratio of cement to sharp sand. There are two routes that self-builders can […]


Update 13: Underfloor Heating

Installing underfloor heating is a popular option amongst self-builders and Scandia-Hus customers. Advantages of Underfloor Heating Efficiency savings – underfloor heating operates at lower temperatures than radiator systems – reduced energy consumption and lower heating costs for the building System uses mainly radiant heat which gives an even distribution of warmth over the whole room […]