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The Design Hub | Interior Design | Baroque (1590-1725)

The Baroque style was found predominantly in areas like Italy, Austria, parts of south Germany, Spain and Portugal where the Catholic Church continued to have a strong influence. Specific Baroque expressions varied by geographic location. The word baroque describes something that is elaborate or highly detailed. This very much sums up the architecture and interior […]

St Mark's Basilica, Venice

The Design Hub | Interior Design | Byzantine (500 -1500)

As the modern Roman Empire evolved, a distinctive and cultural centre evolved in the new capital Constantinpole. This period known as the ‘Byzantine Empire’ significantly influenced medieval architecture throughout Europe and during the Renaissance/ Ottoman eras that followed its demise. This period almost solely focused on religious expression, in particular translating carefully controlled church theology […]

external lighting 8

The Design Hub | External Lighting

With the warmer weather finally upon us, coupled with lighter evenings, it is this time of year that has many of us eager to be out in the garden, host barbeques and entertain. Including the appropriate lighting design to your deck or patio is an important aspect of any outdoor setting and enhances your outside […]