When we first started in 1974, Scandia-Hus supplied purely standard Swedish designs — chalets and bungalows — with a distinctive Scandinavian ‘look’. However, over the years we have expanded our range and, as you browse through our website and brochures, you will find that we now offer a blend of the best of British and Swedish, with our kit house designs encompassing traditions from both countries.

To most of us, a traditional home is one that derives its roots and heritage from Great Britain, a home that really looks as if it belongs in its environment — and, more often than not, this means a home with period charm.

Most of our traditional designs have evolved from our customers briefs, whether this be a Sussex farmhouse, a Victorian lodge or a Scottish crofter’s cottage. All our timber frame kit houses are designed to reflect the area in which it is being built and personalised to meet each customer’s specification and requirements.