Prices & Specifications


The total cost of your Scandia-Hus build project – including building set and construction – will depend on site conditions as well as on your final specification and your chosen method of construction, i.e. self-build, project management, use of a nominated main contractor, or a combination of these methods.

However, to assist you in assessing the overall cost of your project, a ‘rule of thumb’ guide, based on the various procurement routes mentioned above, would be:

Full Self-Build £105 – £120 per square foot
Project Management £120 – £150 per square foot
Main Contractor £150 – £200 per square foot

These estimated square foot prices would be inclusive of the building set, shell erection and construction costs, as well as architectural and administrative services. However, they would not include the cost of your building plot, external works, services or garage construction.


To help you assess what is involved in building your own home, we have prepared a series of Fact Sheets including a full Material and Component Specification and a Shell Erection Schedule. These can be found under the ‘Fact Sheets’ to the right of this page and they clearly set out the materials supplied as part of a standard delivery, as well as who is responsible for each area of the construction.

Select Fact Sheet no. 4 for our ‘Material & Component Specification’ and Fact Sheet no. 13 to view the ‘Shell Erection Schedule’.