Thermal Insulation & Air Tightness

Thermal Insulation & Air TightnessScandia-Hus prides itself at being at the forefront of energy efficient design. By incorporating high levels of insulation and adopting air-tight principles; Scandia-Hus achieves exceptional insulation values. High levels of insulation and air tightness are number one on the sustainability priority list and, as the financial and environmental costs of energy continues to rise, we are confident that our methods are compatible with a cleaner and greener future.

It is vitally important to make new homes as air tight as possible. Uncontrolled air migration (in or out) is a significant route for heat loss even in a well insulated property. Do remember how necessary it is to provide ventilation at all times of the year. In the colder months this can be achieved using a mechanical ventilation system which incorporates heat recovery. In warmer times, however, there is no substitute for opening windows.

The ultimate must is for all new builds to become ‘Zero Energy’ homes and that is our Government’s aim for all new homes from 2016.