Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate Change is now being recognised as a serious problem by just about everyone.

One of the main causes of Climate Change is the high levels of Carbon Dioxide we now release into our atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide is mainly produced when we burn fossil fuels, generate electricity, operate factories, heat our homes, use any transport which has an internal combustion engine, fly in an aeroplane – in general, we are talking about everyday 21st Century living.

The UK Government is obliged to reduce UK Carbon Dioxide emissions by 20% below 1990 levels by the year 2010 and to ensure that our Nation generates at least 10% of total energy needs from renewable sources by 2015. This forms part of their overall strategy which is to make all new homes ‘Zero Carbon’ by 2016.

Until recently, Carbon Dioxide levels were reducing but recent research in fact indicates that they are once again increasing. The reasons given vary according to which source you consult, but the typical examples quoted are the effects of the depletion of North Sea gas resources, the increase in air travel and televisions being left on stand-by.

The government is trying to encourage us all through legislation to build homes which consider the environment and have sustainable elements incorporated into them.

How can we help you achieve this?

Firstly, we will make sure that your new home is designed to optimise its use of valuable energy, to capture available solar energy, to minimise heat loss by incorporating high levels of thermal insulation and to promote the benefits of ‘Air Tightness’.

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